Sunday, 16 February 2014

My dilemma.

Am going to start blogging again. Because blabbering on Facebook is an invasion of privacy to some, I shall blabber here.

Dilemma. Should I leave, or should I try to stay?


1) The organization is great. They care about your career development, which is good. They provide training, which is good too.

2) I love most of my colleagues and bosses.

3) It is very near to my house. So fuel doesn't cost much.

4) I have been there for a while, I have basic knowledge of things.

5) There is no need to bring work to home. At least for now.

6) I love how they plan their strategies.


1) I am not moving as fast as I wish I would. I am stagnant. I am unhappy.

2) I actually do not enjoy what I am doing. I enjoy a certain part of the job, but not most parts of it. Which may be why am not moving as fast as I wish I could.

3) Night shift.

4) The training they provide, has to be begged for. And I feel like it is not being made visible enough.

5) There is no annual bonus. A real annual bonus, not the annual incentive that they are now claiming as the bonus.

6) I am emotionally unstable when it comes to a certain someone there. Which is a big factor, because it is affecting me as a person. My work is my work. But my emotional health is important too.

7) Most giant company provides a good training and career development, which makes the first point for 'Stay' not so significant. And most do share their profit as an actual annual bonus when they do make extra profit. To make the employees happy~

Now, the question is. Will I be able to get another super huge company to hire me? We will see.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

We are a part of the problem.

As much as I hate the Zionists, but still, can't help to think that perhaps a part of the reason that this continue to happen is us Muslims ourselves.. We, Muslims in general. Apart from just simply contributing a few dollars, temporarily boycotting McDonalds and Starbucks when an attack happens, just how many of us did actually try to understand the whole situation or even try to think of a solution.. When it is in the news everyone suddenly becomes outspoken, once the news dies.. our world goes back to normal.

For us. Only for us, not for them..

Am speaking, with myself included. Shameful isn't it, if we really do think about it..

Monday, 12 November 2012


[Kelambatan, baru ade mase baca issue2 terkini..=P ]

I do not support this side of the political world, nor do I support the other side, in fact, if I have a choice to do so I would have gathered some of my trusted friends and create our own party.. hehe..

However this time around, honestly, I do think her words were twisted, taken advantage of.. It is debatable, but I truly believe she did not mean it that way. She is just saying that there should not be an exception for the verse, every one should be included, and surely Malays are not an exception. How can anyone say Malays are excluded when the Malays are merely a race, not even mentioned in the Qur'an.. But however once you accept Islam as a belief, you should be tied to it, just as one is tied to the rules and regulations of the state, and if one does not follow, of course one is punishable..  I do believe this is what she meant, and if she had time and had furthermore explain it would have been different. Wallahualam.

Anyway, for further understanding on apostacy, I thought this was a nice explanation, though I feel like the answer only answers the question of why apostacy is punishable, not why they should be killed:

And this, explains better on the main question, I believe:

And back to the Nurul Izzah case, besides the main debate here, I like her explanation on LGBT..which I believe should be the basis for all things.. I am tied to my believes, I chose to be tied to it, we all are free to choose what we want to believe, but regardless of that, it doesn't give you or I the right to unjustly treat them or those who has a different believe.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The first of many other ramblings.

Sickness gave us a chance to pause and think, if we know how to use that time given wisely.

I have a friend, that I truly adore. For his intellect, for his wise words, for his values. He used to have Facebook, and he would post a whole load of articles and videos relating to various world issues, and us being Muslims, most particularly things related to Palestine, Syria, Egypt and the likes of them. There would be only a few who would actually comment, or even bother to read the articles or watched the videos, and these few people were usually the same circle of people. I used to read them all, watch them all and enjoyed reading through the comments and feeding my brain with some intellectual discussions. I would share them, even when I know not many people would even bother to take a glimpse of it.

Post a video of a music video or people doing silly stuff, and you'll get dozens of  'likes'. Post a video of real world issues, no one bothers.

This friend no longer has Facebook, and after he deactivated his account there, I became one of those Facebookers I used to loath. His articles are no longer there to feed my brain, and I am too busy worrying about my life issues that I don't bother to look for them myself. Facebook started to become a place to let out my anger and frustration. I worry too much about money, about how I'm going to pay those bills, about the clothes that I will wear.. it has to be nice, for that guy that I wish so hard will just say a simple hi to me. I became the exact kind of person I wish I would never be. I became part of the world I loathe. And I throw it all out on the virtual wall.

I am ashamed of it all. I wish I can just delete every single one of them, but there are loads of them and going through them all would be a waste of time. It has been done, the words have been said, even if you take them back, what is done is done.

My point is, I am way too far, too lost from what I used to believe and fight for. I know this is insufficient perhaps compared to those that actually went to the land of the war and fight side by side with the locals, but words are all I have, words are the only way I know how to fight this fight.

As what the beloved friend of mine once said, the aim is to spread awareness. And that is exactly what I want to do with this blog. Spread awareness and kill the ignorance.

I hope I would actually do it and not let this be the first and the last. Hehe. Good luck to me! =D

Monday, 21 May 2012

In regards to Irshad Manji..

It would be great if we don't have to ban Irshad Manji's book for the sake of 'freedom' la konon, then these people won't have the right to say how we Muslims are all control freaks.. but this time around I agree, we should ban it. (After I buy it and have a read of it myself.Hehe.) 

Thing is, Malaysian Muslims, especially the young and ignorant ones.. are too easily strayed off; never ever underestimate the power of words. She has some points in what she's saying, but still most of it are too ridiculous. You should always question everything you came across, but in terms of religion, your questions should be aimed for you to get a better understanding, not to mock or reform it . 

I haven't actually read her books, but it seems like she's looking for a reformation in Islam, like she wants to change the religion to suit her, instead of the other way round. Do correct me if I am wrong.. 

There are some critical questions that she asks which bothers me a lot..  She has apparently question the validity of some Quranic verses, saying that it is confusing and contradicting, as well as saying that prayer's are ridiculous. But then I only read this in a newspaper clipping, never actually right from the book itself, and therefore it could have been altered. 

I am actually looking forward in getting the book, would help me thinking, and then perhaps challenge her ideologies as well if I do get the chance.. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Start of an Infatuation : Part 1.

As I look at you and your ever so shy smile,
The softness of your voice as you speak to me,
As the stolen gazes were thrown at my side,
The hidden but ever so peculiar repartee.

My mind can be very quaint and whimsical,
The desires of my heart at times overwhelming,
My beating heart though crushed starts to twinkle,
The rationale of my mind then forces itself as affirming.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Perkasa, seriously. Just shut up.

Seriously, seriously?? Argh you idiots. Stay out of it, it’s just a matter of bad service, it has nothing to do with racial issue. But if you do get involved, it will be. Can’t you see that? Arghh I’m so frustrated. 

I think the main person to blame is the manager. Where was he? How come he was not controlling the situation? If there were not enough chickens, why can’t he inform the customers beforehand?

And as for Perkasa’s comments.. Yes, we should here their side of the story as well. But not through you. Definitely not through you guys. And yes, the staffs are tired. Yes, perhaps they are frustrated too with everyone shouting and being angry at them for the slow service and lack of food. Yes as a human, they have the right to be frustrated and angry as well, it comes naturally. But they are in the service business, they should know that things like being scolded by customers will happen at some point in their working life. And they definitely have absolutely no right to punch and hit a customer just because the customer is complaining about the bad service. That is something that even a 5 year old knows. 
As for the customer, perhaps he could have said it a tiny bit nicer than that, leave out the shouting part at least. But then again, saw the video.. I don’t think I heard him saying any bad words. It was just that he was saying it in a very high pitch voice. Which is quite acceptable since he is angry. And I think it would also be acceptable for the staffs to be annoyed as well, but definitely not up to the point of attacking the customer. Again, it is the manager’s fault for not controlling the situation at all. If I were KFC’s management, the manager would be fired first, no doubt. 

Perkasa, DAP.. you guys should get the hell out of the issue la. Please laa. The victim himself has already make it a point that it has nothing to do with racial issue, it’s just a matter of bad service, so just why do you still feel the need to get involve?? 

To be fair though, perhaps the victim shouldn't have made it public in the first place. But I do understand that perhaps he thinks it would serve as a lesson to the hospitality/service industry in Malaysia.