Sunday, 16 February 2014

My dilemma.

Am going to start blogging again. Because blabbering on Facebook is an invasion of privacy to some, I shall blabber here.

Dilemma. Should I leave, or should I try to stay?


1) The organization is great. They care about your career development, which is good. They provide training, which is good too.

2) I love most of my colleagues and bosses.

3) It is very near to my house. So fuel doesn't cost much.

4) I have been there for a while, I have basic knowledge of things.

5) There is no need to bring work to home. At least for now.

6) I love how they plan their strategies.


1) I am not moving as fast as I wish I would. I am stagnant. I am unhappy.

2) I actually do not enjoy what I am doing. I enjoy a certain part of the job, but not most parts of it. Which may be why am not moving as fast as I wish I could.

3) Night shift.

4) The training they provide, has to be begged for. And I feel like it is not being made visible enough.

5) There is no annual bonus. A real annual bonus, not the annual incentive that they are now claiming as the bonus.

6) I am emotionally unstable when it comes to a certain someone there. Which is a big factor, because it is affecting me as a person. My work is my work. But my emotional health is important too.

7) Most giant company provides a good training and career development, which makes the first point for 'Stay' not so significant. And most do share their profit as an actual annual bonus when they do make extra profit. To make the employees happy~

Now, the question is. Will I be able to get another super huge company to hire me? We will see.

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